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Dimitris Ouzeri the best mezes*......

Dimitris is the owner of this traditional Greek restaurant. He is a Chef blessed to create magical dishes, blending the traditional techniques with his own imagination! This together with the amazing view of the Ouzeri makes this a place that you must visit!

Dimitri's good taste in food preparation matches his decorating skills... the interior of the Ouzeri, is quite unique. This blended with friendly service, Greek atmosphere, and lovely trully Greek background music will make your evening unforgettable...
The Ouzeri serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, during high Season.

Questions & Answers
What is an Ouzeri? Ouzeri, is a traditional Greek Restaurant. The term derives fromf Ouzo which is a traditional Greek drink.

Dimitris Ouzeri Photos


In the old days fishermen would gather at the Ouzeri listen to baglama or Bouzouki and eat mezes.
What is a meze? Meze means dish. Surely you have heard of Taramosalata or Tzatziki. Well Dimitris does that and much more... only better!
What is a baglamas? Greek instrument resembling a tiny bouzouki, it has a higher pitched though sweeter sound. If you are at Dimitris ask him to play some Rempetica on his CD.
Rempetica are also known as the "Greek Blues" was the music of the Greek Urban underground in the 30's
Photo from the older days of the ouzeri.
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